Bonsall Vacant Land For Sale / Bonsall Property For Sale

5 acres at end of private road. $385,000


See all of the mountains in the Big Bear, Arrowhead area. See all of Mt. Palomar, Fallbrook and Valley Center. 180 Degree view.

Older mobile home done to code. Currently rented. Utilities positioned away from current house pad so some things like SDG&E power poles may not have to be moved for new construction. Poles are not in any view line.

Utilities originally done to code for 3 bed 2 bath home. Piped in water from Rainbow Water District.
Property is bordered by San Luis Rey Downs on 2 sides and Disney Heights Estates on the other side.

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Aerial image of property for sale
  The mobile home and house pad is on steepest part so it proves all of the property is useable. Property was also perked on the unused front part and it passed with excellent results. This is important because it is possible to split.  

Steve at REINTEK Consulting

Property is located at;

30438 Disney Lane
Vista, CA 92084

( It uses a Vista mail address even though it is in the Bonsall area )
Disney Ln. is off of Gopher Canyon Rd. about midway between N. Vista Way and I-15


There are similar properties in the San Luise Rey Downs that are $500,000 to $600,000.
Why pay 1 to 2 hundred thousand more just for a "Gate" across the road?

There are some properties that are in the $350,000 range but they may have problems like main aqueduct easements limiting property usefulness or a view and noise of Hwy-15 or Hwy 76. Some of these cheaper properties may have utilities "Available", at great expense, but not on property. This property is in the very desireable north Vista / Bonsall / Fallbrook area. It is slightly closer to civilation than some of the Valley Center area.


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